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The Freshwater Springs of Florida

RIVER OF DREAMS – FIREFLIES ON THE ICHETUCKNEE MILL SPRINGS PARK, ICHETUCKNEE STATE PARK Natural Wonders By OCL Staff Photos by John Moran SUNLIGHT AMONGST CAVE DARKNESS Turquoise blue water so clear you can see all the way to the bottom without a mask …

Marineland's Sea Turtle Rescue Exhibit

Marineland’s Sea Turtle Rescue Exhibit

Two of a Kind: But So Different By Lura Readle-Scarpitti Photos by Justin Itnyre and Addison Fitzgerald Pokey and Rocky… As much that sounds like the nicknames you use for your kids as you’re getting them out the door for school in the mornings (hurray …

Jerry Melfi

Jerry Melfi’s Life in Music

It is what it is. So, if “it” were a perfect world, what would the future hold? For Jerry Melfi, it’s simple: More! “I would like to create more art and play more music. I’m still learning every day. I still wake up every morning with a sense of anticipation.

Marty Balin Music

The Impact of a Lifetime

Marty Balin’s Many Incarnations By Susan Johnson He grew up in the projects of Richmond, California, just outside of San Francisco, and can’t remember a time when he wasn’t singing or dancing or making music of some kind. “I was always singing. When my …

Sea Colony Serenity

Sea Colony Serenity: Beach Retreat

The Wallace Residence – St. Augustine Beach | A Surfside Escape By Catherine Calabria Photos by Justin Itnyre Real estate agents know for sure that the old adage, “Location, location, location,” is a real truism. If you are a realtor and can live anywh …

Chicken Kabobs

Grilled Chicken Kabobs with Za’atar, Lemon, Yogurt Tahini Sauce and Vegetables

By Elizabeth (Paige) Muchmore MS, RD, LD/N, Clinical Dietician, Critical Care and Nutrition Support at Flagler Hospital Photos by Tammy Harrow Nothing says, “Happy Father’s Day” like meat over an open flame. By choosing a lean protein and using citrus …

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The Springs Eternal Project Education Outreach

Spring Survival: Conservation is Critical

Commentary and Photos by John Moran Editor’s Note: As you’ve seen, Florida’s natural springs are true treasures for everyone in our state to enjoy. With that enjoyment comes responsibility. To that end, University of Florida professor Lesley Gamble cre …

ThompsonBaker Agency

ThompsonBaker Agency

A History of Excellence By Robert Waldner Photos by Tammy Harrow The year 1925 has a special place on the timeline of St. Augustine’s illustrious history. Construction began on the Bridge of Lions, the U.S. was in the midst of a real estate boom, and t …

Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream

Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream

Nicole, Lilly and Robert Nettles along with Manager Blair Hall of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Giving Sweets By Robert Waldner Photo by Justin Itnyre Many locals feel that part of St. Augustine’s appeal is its tightly-knit community of privately-owned b …


Daddy Day Spa

Over the years, we’ve put Dad through a lot. We’ve caused more than our fair share of gray hair; a few wrinkles; some sleepless nights; and tight shoulders. He deserves a little bit of pampering to help him put those daily worries behind, leave the cell phone in the car, and check the stress at the door.

Canvas and Upholstery Center

Gotcha Covered

Hunt Bowman of the Canvas and Upholstery Center Have a boat that needs canvas restoration, an awning that’s been battered by the elements, or a piece of furniture that needs reupholstering? Look no further than The Canvas and Upholstery Center. Each te …


St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office

There may still be a small town somewhere in the United States where the Sheriff’s Office has one car and a deputy who isn’t allowed to put a bullet in his gun without permission, but my guess is that those “Mayberry” days are long gone…


St. Augustine’s 2nd Annual Race Week Sailing Regatta

A Week on the Water By Dave Montgomery Photos by Tom Kane & Justin Itnyre Once again our historic seaport city celebrated the art and sport of sailing during St. Augustine Race Week 2016 held March 31-April 3. Over 55 wind and human-powered vessels …

Save a Life

Save a Life: Put Down the Phone

By Renee Unsworth Photos by Zach Thomas – Monarch Studio Three local fathers are setting out to make a difference right here in our community. They hope to create an awareness in both children and parents that driving safely means driving without a pho …


St. Augustine: Wedding Venue to the World, but why?

By Joe Boles It has crossed my mind once or twice that I can’t really figure out why St. Augustine has become the Wedding Venue to the World. It seems that on any given weekend of the year you’ll find any number of bridal parties zipping around downtow …

Wedding Couple Flower

The Very Definition of Perfection

What makes for the perfect wedding? As you can probably guess, there’s not one pat answer to that question. Weddings are, after all, very personal affairs and the answer depends on the person you’re asking. Large or small? Formal or casual? Indoor or o …