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An Artist’s Touch | A Specialist’s Detail

By Kara Pound
Photos by Addison Fitzgerald

There aren’t many downsides to living by the Atlantic Ocean except for one — it can be pretty rough on your car’s exterior.

Environmental factors like sun and salt air can destroy a car’s finish and create rust spots. That is unless you combat Mother Nature by parking in a garage, using a vehicle cover, or by having your car washed and waxed on a regular basis.

3Gs Auto Detailing Specialist

This is where Gustavo Ramos, Sr. comes in. The Peruvian native and longtime St. Augustine resident is the owner and operator of 3G’s Auto Detailing Specialist, which opened in October of 2014, located on A1A South next to Seafood Shoppe.

“The value of your car drops when you’re not taking care of it,” Ramos explains. “If you’re not protecting it by coating and polishing the paint, it’s going to lose value. The satisfaction that I get out of this business is the customer service. I always like to go the extra mile.”

3Gs Auto Detailing Crew

3G’s Auto Detailing Specialist, which Ramos named after himself and his two sons (Gustavo Sr., Gustavo Jr., and Gabriel), offers automotive detailing services such as deep cleaning, coating protector, steam cleaning, upholstery care, scratch removal, odor removal, leather restoration, paint restoration and more.

“Before I opened my shop, I owned a restaurant and I was miserable,” says Ramos. “I’ve always loved and worked on classic cars, so my friends and family urged me to go start a business that I’m passionate about. I’m an artist. This is not a job for me. This is a passion!”

3G’s Auto Detailing Specialist is located at 2135 A1A South. Visit their website HERE or call 904-364-0808 for more information.