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We are proud to announce that brother-from-another-mother and world-renowned cellist, Ben Sollee, and fab-tastic percussionist, Jordan Ellis, will be playing in concert in our backyard on April 10 at 7:30 PM.

It’s funny: the bushwhacked sojourn that music has taken us. Many years ago, a booking agent sent me a promotional CD by The Sparrow Quartet. It lived in my player for years. Still does, in fact. I made note of the individual players: Abigail WashburnCasey DriessenBela Fleck – and Ben Sollee. Later, on a motorcycle trip on the Blue Ridge Parkway, my son and I pulled off one night in Brevard, NC, to catch Casey Driessen and his band, Colorfools. We were blown away and later invited (begged) Casey to join our PReTTy CooL MuSiC family. You will remember the virtuosic, visionary violinist playing here. Now, years later, we called mega booking agency, Paradigm, and invited (begged) the consummate, commanding cellist, Ben Sollee, to perform here. And he accepted. Please excuse my cheap act of alliteration. It just felt so good.

Besides his music, one cool thing about Ben Sollee is that he does a substantial amount of his touring by bicycle. It is not just an environmental consideration, he says, it is that he gets to see the world differently, that when he comes by tour bus, all shows start becoming quite the same. We think this way cooler than the Rolling Stones having ten semi trucks hauling their stuff around. Unfortunately, he is not touring by bicycle on this tour.

Check out Ben’s website. Get to know him. And then come be amazed when he and Jordan play here.