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The Sing Out Loud Festival SCHEDULE

St. Augustine, Fla. – Nine days, 15 venues, 50 showcases, over 200 performing artists. All free and …


Meet the Locals: St. Augustine

Mark & Susanna Helman WHY ST. AUGUSTINE? Mark: My parents moved here 20 years ago and after seve …

Commander Shellfish Camp

Successful Shellfish Enterprise Spawned from Local Waters

Happy as a Clam By Lura Readle Scarpitti Current photos by Brian Miller and Alexis Rhodes Archive ph …

3Gs Auto Detailing Specialist

3Gs Auto Detailing Specialist

3G’s Auto Detailing Specialist, which Ramos named after himself and his two sons (Gustavo Sr., Gustavo Jr., and Gabriel), offers automotive detailing services such as deep cleaning, coating protector, steam cleaning, upholstery care, scratch removal, odor removal, leather restoration, paint restoration and more.


In Memoriam: Karin Sufalko

To say that Karin Suflako was just “a floral arranger” is an understatement. “Floral artist” would be more accurate. In her words, she “painted with flowers.” In an interview which ran in a 2014 edition of Old City Life, she also said “I can make flowers dance.”


Aug. 4-6: Old City Life’s TOP FIVE weekend picks

FIRST FRIDAY ART WALK @ St. Augustine Art Galleries Aug. 4: On the first Friday of every month, St. …

50 St. Francis Street House

Living Small in a Big Way

By OCL Staff Photos by Matthew Gane & Alexis Rhodes If the cedar tree had fallen just a few feet …

Reunion Resort Rooftop Pool

Reunion Resort

Something for Everyone Distance from St. Augustine: 133 miles. Drive time: 2 hours 7593 Gathering Dr …

Hammock Beach Resort

Hammock Beach Resort

The Perfection Vacation: The 30-minute Solution. Distance from St. Augustine: 38 miles. Drive time: …

David Fussell Entrepreneur

Hatching Great Ideas and Watching them Grow

David Fussell can’t sit still. Lean and organized, armed with a sleek laptop and a quietly-buzzing cell phone, he’s drumming his fingers on the tabletop and nodding his head — engaged, friendly, pleasant…but a little restless.

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