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You Have to Experience it for Yourself

By OCL Staff in cooperation with Salamander Resorts

Just what IS the Salamander Experience? Is it a fun-filled family vacation with nearby theme-parks, famous attractions, on-site lazy rivers, spacious pools and thrilling waterslides?

Is it a romantic beach resort getaway with luxurious accommodations, fine dining, and breathtaking vistas?

Is it a championship golf weekend with the gang and a chance to play some of the most renowned courses in the state of Florida designed by some of the most famous golf course architects in the world?

Is it the ultimate spa escape with the girls indulging in a few days of pampering with top-notch treatments, expert salon services and soulcentering yoga classes?

Is it an easy, relaxing respite: a chance to cool your heels, get off the beaten path, and recharge?

Is it an on-the-go, super-charged holiday filled with non-stop entertainment and fun for active adults and children who enjoying hiking, biking, running, tennis and outdoor activities of all kinds?

Is it all of these?

When Shelia Johnson, founder of Salamander Hotels and Resorts, decided to branch out into the hospitality industry in 2005, it was her mission to develop luxury resorts which reflected the authenticity and character of their surrounding environment. Each one of the eight resorts under the Salamander umbrella, four of which are located in the Sunshine State, provides a guest experience beyond compare, the highest standard of excellence in service, combined with unparalleled quality, and first-class accommodations and ammenities — each one situated in magnificent, breathtaking locales throughout the country and the Sunshine State. Whatever your style, Salamander has a Florida resort to match.

In essence, the “perfect” vacation.

The best thing about the Salamander Experience in Florida is that, for St. Johns and Duval County residents, whatever you’re looking for is just a drive away. No going to the trouble of booking a flight, dealing with security, risking delays or cancelations (or any of the other hassles air travel is infamous for).

The ultimate vacation destination is out there. You just need to pack up your car and go.

OCL will be adding links to 5 different Salamander resorts below over the next few weeks, so keep checking back!!

Hammock Beach Resort

Hammock Beach Resort

Reunion Resort

Innisbrook Golf & Spa Resort

Innisbrook Golf & Spa Resort