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These days, stand-up paddle boards (SUPs) have become one of the fastest growing ways to access our glorious waterways, and as crazy as we are about water sports, a dedicated following has grown up around the sport. Any area enthusiast would certainly recognize David Slemp, who has become one of the biggest SUP advocates in Northeast Florida. He’s been involved in organizing local races for many years, and now he’s taking his knowledge of SUP racing and using it for a good cause.

Slemp has formed Old City Paddlers — a four-man team made up Slemp, Todd Bourgeois, Warren Heil, and Bryan Hill, to participate in a long-distance, endurance, charity paddle challenge called Crossing for A Cure, starting June14th. The event involves a 75-mile paddle across the Gulf Stream, from Bimini in the Bahamas, to the Florida mainland to benefit Piper’s Angels Foundation.

Paddlers for a circle the shape of a heart before the start of the race

Founder, Travis Suit, started the event to bring awareness to the significant health benefits of the Ocean for those living with cystic fibrosis. Piper, Suit’s daughter, was four years old when she was diagnosed with the disease, which currently does not have a cure. All proceeds from the event go towards CF research.

Obviously, they don’t just set the competitors out on the water and hope they make it to Florida okay. Each team has a support boat, which carries the other team members to switch off and be there with supplies.

Old City Paddlers will be supported by David Ward and Frank Segui, who graciously supplied the team with the required vessel.

RACE UPDATE: Proud day for our St Augustine team Old City Paddlers
1st place, paddled 83 miles in 10.5 hrs.

Old City Paddlers

Old City Paddlers Team

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