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As the cold air comes in and the sunshine of summer bids us farewell, it’s time to find a little spice to kick off the holiday season. “What’s up? We’re Chillula,” is the friendly catch phrase of lead vocalist/guitarist, Chase Rideman, and all you’ll need to hear to know you’ve found your spot to groove for the night.

This upbeat party band brings an energetic flow every time they take the stage in our old city. Whether playing your favorite R&B covers or some of their original songs, Chillula never disappoints. They have perfected the art of transitioning from one song to the next, transcending both genre and generation. From Michael Jackson to Bruno Mars, they have mastered their energetic sound which is equally inclusive of all audiences.

Chillula Music

The end of each year brings exciting changes for Chillula, as well as many other local bands. With wedding season in full swing and holiday parties at every turn, private events keep these guys busy. As soon as they step off the wedding scene, its Nights of Lights and the swell of tourists taking their nightlife to new heights.

Fortunately, the four core band members have an entire community of musicians supporting them. Rideman on lead vocals and guitar is joined by Daryl Lee on drums, Paul Jackson on trumpet, and Ted McClellan on vocals and keyboard to make up the Chillula the core band, while more than 30 other local musicians join in for special collaborations.

“We play with so many people. They are all ‘Chillula.’ They are all part of our Chillula family.”

As for the name, a reminiscent Rideman shared his former love of frozen burritos. “They’re not that great, so it’s good to put some good hot sauce on ‘em.” Three single guys with a dream to start a band…frozen burritos seem to be a staple in the natural progression. And, when your moment arrives in high demand of a name, it only makes sense to choose the hot sauce that is in front of you at every meal!

Chillula will be rocking the house at Prohibition Kitchen on December 15th and will perform every Thursday at No Name Bar and Odd Birds. Whether you catch their cover performances or see Chillula representing our town on the big stage with their original music, bring your boogie shoes! Check their website and Facebook page for even more special performances this holiday season, visit the Chillula website or their Facebook Page.

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