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Concrete is His Canvas

By Anne Heymen
Photo by Tammy Harrow


Matt Casey, owner of FloorEver Solutions, loves creating artistic magic with concrete.

“We are a decorative concrete flooring company,” he explains. “We don’t install anything factory made.” Instead, this artist-in-concrete offers interior and exterior concrete flooring applications to meet customers’ wishes and expectations. “Everything we do is concrete,” say Casey. “Our slogan is ‘Your Concrete is Our Canvas.’”

On his canvas, Casey, and his staff of three, create a smooth surface on anything from a garage floor to a colorful interior area. “The completed project,” says Casey, “comes out smooth, is tough as nails, and is super easy to clean. It’s truly custom.” He offers a variety of ways to create a special look with patterns, logos, and designs in the floor.

Casey and his wife, Kasey Kruer, who is a psychologist with the Department of Veterans Affairs, and their three sons, ages 8 to 10, moved to St. Augustine in March of 2014. He started his business here the following fall. Casey previously operated a decorative concrete flooring business in Louisville, Kentucky, from 2005 until his move south.

A graduate of the University of Kentucky, where his major was kinesiology and health promotion, Casey learned about concrete flooring from a friend who resided in Las Vegas. While attending college, Casey spent summers in Las Vegas and helped his friend on some of the jobs. Even though he was certified to teach elementary through high school physical education and health, Casey admits he “kind of wanted to get into sales.” So, he accepted a position in sales for a health club but did flooring on the side. Finally, he decided to start his own flooring business and, Casey says, “I’ve been doing it ever since.”


Before making a permanent move to St. Augustine, Casey and his family had been visiting his wife’s parents, who moved here in 2006, once or twice a year. “We really liked St. Augustine,” says Casey, so the family made the decision to move.

When he’s not involved with his business, Casey coaches kids in the Police Athletic League (PAL) football program. In the rest of his spare time, he likes watching sports, running, going to the beach, and being with his family.

FloorEver Solutions is located at 240 Blackford Way, Suite E. Stop by to see their wide variety of flooring options or visit the Floorever Solutions website.

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