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By Robert Waldner

While the Holidays are all about reflection on the past year and spending time with the ones who bring us joy, the New Year is a time for moving forward. It’s a time for resolving to be our personal best. For some, it is spiritual; for others financial, and for many it is a quest to be in better physical shape than ever before. As people begin working on their personal health resolutions, it is important to know that there are resources to keep you on track the entire year. For the last four years, Laura Hall has been helping people in St. Augustine and all over North America lose weight, gain energy, enhance their athletic performance, and become healthier and wealthier.

As an Isagenix Independent Associate, Hall provides tools, tips, and products to help people reach their personal health goals through her website. She understands that it takes more than exercise alone for people to live healthier lifestyles. That is why, through you can find the full line of Isagenix products to help you on your quest.

Health Resolutions

Isagenix, a supplier of weight loss, energy, athletic performance, and healthy aging products, has a global reach that expands to 16 countries worldwide. Their systems are backed by numerous third party clinical studies. As a firm believer in Isagenix’ core values, Hall embodies and imparts those values to her clients and members of her business team. As a Business Builder and Wellness Coach, she has helped thousands of people find health and financial success. “I’m very passionate about people changing their lives,” says Hall. “I’m a big advocate of cleansing the toxins from our bodies. When toxins build up we feel sluggish and unhealthy. When we rid our bodies of those toxins, it’s amazing how much better we can feel as we allow our bodies become the miracles they are designed to be,” she say, referring to Isagenix’ Cleansing and Fat Burning Systems available online.

For more information on Laura Hall, Isagenix products, or to connect with Laura about living healthier or building your own Isagenix business, visit Laura’s Isagenix website HERE or call Laura Hall at (904) 210-5559.

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