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To say that Karin Sufalko was just “a floral arranger” is an understatement. “Floral artist” would be more accurate. In her words, she “painted with flowers.” In an interview which ran in a 2014 edition of Old City Life, she also said “I can make flowers dance.” Her passion and vision was evident in the inspiring and unique creations she “choreographed” out of her popular King Street shop, 57 Treasury.

Sadly, the Old City lost this iconic member of the downtown business community when she passed away June 1st of this year. A native of Bavaria, Germany, Karin located to St. Augustine in 2000 from Chicago, Illinois, and opened 57 Treasury. Her breath-taking custom floral arrangements and gifts for weddings and special events were instant hits and remained so until her passing. Her approach to floral design was nothing short of art.

In Memoriam Karin Sufalko

“There are no rules here…not in my case.
There may be some somewhere, but not here dahling.”

She was as beautiful a soul as the arrangements she created. Karin was known for her warm smile and open heart with everyone, and was a friend to everyone who knew her, including our staff at Old City Life. She exuded a loving and kind spirit which was infectious to all and was always generous with her time and support. The world needs more people like her in it. She will be dearly missed.

This issue of Old City Life Magazine is dedicated to our friend, Karin Sufalko.

57 Treasury lives on downtown St. Augustine on King Street.

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