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By Jessica O’Reilly
Photos by Matthew Gane

Luxurious, outdoor living does not need to be complicated. It can be as easy as following a simple, five-ingredient recipe. In that case, Lori Wallis, owner of a Charlestonian-inspired beach home in Cinnamon Beach, is a master chef. Her key ingredients are as follows: (1) spacious outdoor kitchen, (2) pool with spa, (3) standalone fire-pit, (4) outdoor fireplace with comfortable seating, and (5) serene waterfront views facing west with breathtaking sunsets. These elements make for a space that truly elevates the concept of Florida outdoor living.

Lori arranged vignettes in different locations to enjoy shaded areas during different times of day.

Inspired by the original home design by Hammock Interiors, Lori enhanced the aesthetic with her own style and creativity. She added the outdoor kitchen, the stylish outdoor pavers framing the glistening pool and, of course, the elegant furnishings that bring the entire space to a new level. Lori is using her artful eye to develop six additional luxury rental homes in Cinnamon Beach with Bijou Development. Her goal is to incorporate the seamless, indoor/outdoor lifestyle in every home.

The fireplace is framed with large Bimini shutters for both style and function. They allow the breeze to flow
through the space during the summer and protect the area from frigid northeasterly winds during the winter months. With regard to the fireplace, Lori says that, “During the winter months, we use it. We have the fireplace on all the time.”

The key to enjoying outdoor living, especially in Florida, is temperature control and comfort. Adding tasteful umbrellas to shade a few chaise lounges, or strategically placing a seating area near some leafy trees, will accomplish this. While pools and spas are a bonus, even having a small water feature, such as a fountain, will add a feeling of calm and relaxation. Don’t have the space for an outdoor fireplace or a fire pit? Try using a wood-burning chimenea to keep warm during our chilly winter months. Again, luxurious outdoor living does not need to be complicated, so get outside and enjoy our Florida weather!

Lori and her husband, John Wallis, embrace outdoor living. “We live out here,” she says. “Even with the rain, it’s great sitting out in the storm. It’s so peaceful with the lake – the serenity of it.”


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