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By Britne White
Photos by Kate Gardiner

The only thing better than sailboats and bikinis is racing for a cause, on sailboats, in bikinis. Organized by the nonprofit organization, S.A.S.S. (St. Augustine Sailing Sisters), the 3rd annual Bikini Race was a hit! This event was created as an effort to give back to the community, while encouraging female sailors to step up and take hold of the helm. Like previous years, the race included two divisions: all female crew and mixed crew (allowing up to 50% male). Of the 12 participating boats, seven were all-female and five were mixed-crew, with only one male per boat. None of the males were at the helm.

This year, S.A.S.S. partnered with the Betty Griffin Center. Between sponsorships and raffles, $5,000 was raised to help local victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. That’s a $1,800.00 increase from last year, and it’s partly due to the generosity of Melissa Clements, owner of Small Indulgences, who won the 50/50 raffle and chose to donate her winnings directly to the center.

There’s no doubt that these sailors love to compete, but when it comes to the Bikini Race, they’re far more concerned with how they can help those in need than they are with how they’ll place. From all of us at Old City Life Magazine, thank you, St. Augustine Sailing Sisters, for giving back to your community.

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