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At Limelight Theatre, it’s all about diversification. From children’s summer camps and adult improv classes to comedies, musicals and dramas to monthly concerts featuring local musicians as part of the Music in the Box series, Limelight Theatre aims to offer programming to appeal to as much of the community as possible.

“I have a formula that I use,” explains Executive Director Beth Lambert of the theatre’s offerings. “We’re not going to do musicals all year. We’re not going to do comedies all year. Sometimes I have people who say, ‘Well, that wasn’t my cup of tea.’ Or ‘Well, that really was my cup of tea.’ We try and give a broad spectrum of shows.”

Established in 1992 and having just celebrated their 25th season, Limelight Theatre is the only year-round community theatre in the Nation’s Oldest City. It was originally co-founded by Anne Kraft and Jean Rahner and took time to grow legs and put down roots.

“We were nomads for a while,” says Lambert. We traveled, trying to find a place to put up residence. We were at the Monson Bayfront Inn. We were in an attic above a restaurant. We performed outside. We performed at the fort — anywhere we could find a spot to put on a show where people would come and see it.”

Settled in at its current home on Old Mission Avenue, Limelight Theatre boasts a 75 to 90-seat “black box” space called the Koger-Gamache Studio Theatre as well as the 125-seat Matuza Main Stage. The company produces around seven live shows during each season, on top of year-round theatre education, for ages four to adult.

“I think something a lot of people don’t understand is that most of the actors here are mostly local,” says Lambert. “They’re school teachers, realtors, businessmen and women and stay-at-home moms. And they all volunteer: acting, helping with the costumes, painting the sets and doing maintenance on the building. We’re really a busy place for all ages.”

Limelight Theatre • 11 Old Mission Avenue • Visit Their Website • (904) 825-1164

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