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By Meaghan Alvarado
Photos by Matthew Gane

What do you get when you combine the creativity of an interior designer with the expertise of a general contractor? In Britne White’s case, a flawlessly curated and constructed tiny house.

Tiny Home on wheels

Britne opened Inviting Interiors eight years ago; she has since designed interiors for everything from homes in residential areas to commercial buildings like restaurants and hotels. If you’ve seen the inside of Marker 8 Hotel, you have an idea of White’s style. The nautical theme seen there is reflected in her tiny house, currently located on a creek over by St. Augustine High School. There are lots of blues and textures you’d find on a sailboat, which is where White likes to spend a lot of her time. A life preserver ring, an anchor, and White’s painting of a sailboat and the St. Augustine Lighthouse add to the maritime vibe.The Tiny Home took nine months to complete. This may sound like a long time for a 296-square foot residence on wheels, but when you consider that White was busy running a business and taking care of her son, nine months was in actuality, more like several weekends. Plus, she was interrupted by Hurricane Irma, which caused the unfinished structure to float about 50 yards.

The flooring is constructed from ¼ inch plywood, twenty-five percent of which was stained blue and then organized into a staggered pattern. A sailor herself, White created a key box from a Bahamas license plate and a boat key. She picked up the plate on a trip to the Bahamas for the annual regatta in Abaco.

The main living space has nine-foot ceilings, includes a sitting area, and has a small fold-out table with a pretty large TV above it. Sitting at the fold-out table where White’s son Henley says they play board games, you can see a hammock overflowing with pillows.

To get into it, Henley reveals that you need to climb the boat ladder to his sleeping area first. Crawling over his twin-sized mattress, he hops into the hammock. White says it adds more seating space for the main area. When she built the tiny house, her goal was to construct it “as big and open as possible to make it family oriented.”

White certainly didn’t let the word “tiny” intimidate her or affect the general necessities of a home. The full bathroom features a steel tub with a standup shower, a toilet, a sink, and a portable washer/dryer combo. Everything is a little smaller than usual, but it gets the job done.

There’s a mini fridge in the kitchen below the steps that lead to the master suite. Past the railing of marine rope, picked up from Sailors Exchange here in St. Augustine, is a sleeping area with a queen-sized mattress. The same type of rope is incorporated into the foldable railings on the 128-square-foot rooftop deck above. It’s the perfect spot to take in the sunsets and look out at the water below.

Currently, the tiny house is used for a weekend getaway and a place for White to entertain friends and family. But, it’s moving to Genung’s fish camp and will be rented out via Airbnb very soon. If you’ve ever wanted to experience tiny house living or wanted to camp out at Genung’s but weren’t up for a tent, you’ll soon have the chance. Feel free to call White at (904 0806-5079 to schedule a walk-through of her tiny house.

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