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St. Augustine Mama’s Rejoice!

By Bridey Masson
Photos by Tammy Harrow

Lorraine Searle and her Well Women 360 team have cultivated the ultimate experience for women seeking comfort and community. Ranging from those with grown children to some who have yet to experience motherhood, there is a place for all here.

Lorraine, who has three boys of her own, is no novice when it comes to the art of motherhood. Having earned a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Midwifery, a master’s degree in Health Studies, and having gained extensive experience working with various OBGYNs for her entire career, Lorraine has witnessed the good, the bad, and the ugly of obstetrics. Seeing so much of the clinical side, Lorraine made a decision to put all of her passions together: women’s health, childbearing, Montessori education (for which she holds a certification in Montessori Early Childhood Education), and community.

The Searle family has been in St. Augustine for nine years and, as Lorraine says, “We really needed something like this in our community.” Her ultimate goal is to provide a haven for moms, dads, and grandparents alike to share their experiences, learn, and grow together.

With an ever-expanding team, Well Women 360 offers experiences from spa treatments (with on-site daycare provided) to educational talks. Each Tuesday, a speaker joins the Well Women community to provide information on topics ranging from CPR to breastfeeding. These talks are designed for women in their childbearing years, transitioning from a life of their own into parenthood.

Well Women 360

Since opening in January 2018, Well Women 360 has become much more than just a community center for young mothers. Lorraine has collaborated with local vendors with a shared vision. Upon entering Well Women 360, customers will see a product display for Pink Stork, an all-natural supplements supplier, owned by locals Amy and Thomas Upchurch. Cultivate Tea and Spice Company also joined the team, opening a café within the Well Women 360 building and providing an area for birthday parties, baby showers, gender reveals, and even book clubs. In the coming months, Lorraine hopes to continue partnering with local vendors and hosting larger on-site events that the kids can enjoy too!

Whether you are looking for pregnancy tips, a safe and clean environment for kids, spa treatments, or a warm smile and a listening ear, St. Augustine now has the perfect place for you. At Well Women 360, every person deserves a place to be heard and every woman deserves the right to some pampering!

To enjoy your spa treatment or hear an educational program, visit Well Women 360 at
240 San Marco Avenue. Learn more at Well Women 360 dot Com or call 904-342-8118.

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