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Totally Chill, Really Hot

By Kara Pound
Photos by Kate Gardiner

Have you ever had your air conditioner break in the middle of the summer? Maybe it was a tripped circuit breaker or the coil was frozen. Perhaps the motor or compressor went kaput. Either way, chances are you had no idea how to fix it. This unfortunate event is equally as frustrating when your heater nosedives in the middle of the winter.

Let’s face it: we’ve gotten quite used to our creature comforts and don’t want to live without the luxury of moderate temperatures.

Enter Powell Heating & Air Conditioning. Established in December of 1984 by David F. Powell, the company has grown leaps and bounds over the past thirty-plus years. Today, it boasts more than 15 employees, a fleet of nearly a dozen trucks, a 15,000-square-foot facility located on two acres on Dobbs Road and currently supplies maintenance for over 2,000 customers for all of their residential and commercial heating and cooling services.

Air Conditioning Repair

“The first five to seven years were very tough,” Powell remembers of those early days. “However, with the right attitude, the right commitment to service and the right people, I knew we would be successful.”

From installing new HVAC systems to stocking hard-to-find filters to offering free, in-home estimates and 24-hour emergency service, Powell Heating & Air Conditioning is focused on customer service.

Powell Air Conditioning & Heating

“Our goal has always been to live up to our mission statement, which is to serve the needs of our customers by providing unmatched levels of service, and to offer quality products, which will enhance the comfort and health of those who place their trust in us,” Powell explains. “We live by a set of core values such as honesty, integrity, accountability, discipline, respect for others, open and honest communication and serving others first.”

Powell Heating & Air Conditioning
2610 Dobbs Rd.
St. Augustine
(904) 794-2665

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